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           Wheelchairs For Kids           

A Gift that Gives Twice

In developing countries where health care and other social services are poor to non-existent, raising a child with a disability presents a significant burden to the whole family.


Without a wheelchair a child can be housebound and a burden for a carer, usually the mother. The endemic poverty is compounded because the carer is also housebound and possibly unable to earn income or help in the fields. In many cases a child intellectually capable of attending mainstream school is denied the opportunity because of the absence of a wheelchair.


The gift of a wheelchair gives twice. It not only presents the child with freedom but also frees the mother to work and contribute to the family's income.


Your contribution to Wheelchairs For Kids contributes directly to a needy child receiving a wheelchair. $200 gives a child a rough terrain wheelchair with waterproof cushion, postural supports, head rest, knee separator, harnesses a tray, tool kit knee rug and soft toy.

Millions are needed, but every one makes a difference. Please help.


Every $200 raised gives a child the freedom of mobility and liberates a carer.

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